About Us

Veneration Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Delavan conducted its first class on March 8th 2017.
Founded under the leadership of Professor David Rosenmarkle.

Jeremy Lee as a BJJ Blue Belt began his solo journey as the owner and instructor of Delavan, Wisconsins only Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy. He contiinues to train, learn and grow as a person and as a martial artist. Veneration BJJ is one of 4 Veneration BJJ academies located throughout Wisconsin. We offer kids and adults classes as well as private lessons on our new, very high quality mats situated on top of a sprung sub-floor. We believe that through BJJ we can cultivate morals, values and behaviors that will help our students to navigate through life successfully.

Our facility focuses and strives towards a family oriented, friendly, professional, welcoming and clean environment. We maintain a very clean and hygienic facility as well as a professional and courteous staff. Our facility features clean mens and womens locker rooms with showers.

At Veneration BJJ Delavan we offer kids and adults classes as well as private lessons throughout the week to accommodate any schedule. We continue to elevate the product that we provide which is why we have been voted the best martial arts school in Walworth County 2 years in a row!

Kids Classes: 
At Veneration BJJ Delavan we begin to accept children at the age of 5 years old. Our kids classes last for approximately 1 hour and each class consists of a warm up involving calisthenics and games built around fundamental movements that are frequently used in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu followed by technical instruction that teaches the children how to use the strategy, technique and problem solving to strategically defeat a larger and stronger opponent. The last few minutes of class are reserved for the kids to participate in live sparring where they will practice their acquired skills in a safe and monitored manner with the other kids in class. This combination of activities not only allows the kids to gain new skills but it helps them to build confidence, create discipline, integrity, and a stronger work ethic. It also helps to relieve stress and anxiety while helping them to become comfortable in stressful situations allowing them to quickly solve complex problems.

Adults Classes:
Adults classes consist of students ranging in the ages of 14 and up. Jiu Jitsu is for everyone of all ages.
Adult classes provide a safe and friendly environment where you can learn a new skill while getting a strenuous workout. When you join up with us you join a group of people that are all striving towards personal improvement and better health. We use Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to cultivate and build an environment that helps the participants not only improve their health and well being but allows them to learn a skill that could possibly save their life. An adult class involves a short warm up, a detailed technical instruction with practice, situational light sparring, additional technical instruction followed by an optional sparring session.

Gym Amenities:
Men and Woman locker rooms with showers
Sprung Sub-floor
New Zebra Mats
Comfortable Lounge Area

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